Travel, Coronavirus and You

Yeego Travel pledges to you that we will utilize the best sources of information to help you stay safe during this outbreak of the coronavirus. Our sources will only come from government, medical, and trusted epidemiology sources. We will only use proven science and medical based sources or information for any travel advice.

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Memorial Day Message

Yeego Travel salutes our fallen warriors and the sacrifice they made to our country, families, and communities.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020

Here is to your hard work! 

Don't Forget To Disinfect These Common Items

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Hopefully, you're washing your hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds and wearing a face mask but don't forget common items as well. Wash all handles, refrigerator door handles, keys, credit, and debit cards, purses and wallets, backpacks, smartphones and tablets, and steering wheels. This news item covers how to disinfect common items. 

Happy Mother's Day

Teenagers and Self-Isolation

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Teenagers, of course, bring a different dimension to self-isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here is a news item by Christopher Null in Wired about how the Coronavirus is hitting teenagers and how you can engage youth during this pandemic. 

Tips For Working At Home With Kids


Working from home with children during the COVID-19 outbreak is challenging. Here is a well thought out article by the Yale School of Medicine about tips for working at home with kids. We also included over 1,000 ideas on how to survive when working at home with kids by StandUply

Homeschooling Apps: Not Just For K-12

Of all of the apps for smartphones and tablets, Khan Academy is the best for homeschooling and is zero cost. You can teach yourself algebra, calculus, all of those subjects that you wanted to take but didn't. They're logical and easy to use. 

Work in the Time of Corona*

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Here is a blog about communication, file sharing, and managing distractions during the coronavirus pandemic by Sean Robertson. Sean is a world-class web developer and graphic designer. He knows his stuff.

Public Health Departments Across the United States: Don't Forget About Rodents And Vermin

We have COVID-19 now. We don't want any other illnesses from rodent and rat infestations in our cities. It took Europe 100 years to control the Black Death. Not to mention the Hantavirus in the 20th Century. Follow this link for more information. 

CARES Act Funding Deadline For Tribal Nations Is April 17

The deadline for tribal governments to submit information to the U.S. Department of the Treasury for the CARES Act funding is Friday, April 17. On April 13, Treasury opened a web portal for tribal, State, and local governments to receive payments to help offset the costs of their response to the coronavirus pandemic.