We are a full service travel agency. Let us take the stress out of travel planning. Contact us to book your air, hotel, car rental, cruise, tour, vacation, meeting or event!

Who We Are

We are a 100 percent Native American-owned company providing you with comprehensive travel and concierge services. We are also meetings and event planning specialists assisting you in your unique needs. "Yeego" in Navajo means "go for it!"

Why Yeego Travel?

We take the stress out of your travel and meeting needs. We provide you with the most time efficient and cost effective options for your next trip, vacation, adventure, meeting or event.

Our expertise is taking care of people. If you have special needs while traveling, are seeking an interesting cost-saving itinerary or behind-the-scenes tour, need help when stuck at an airport due to weather, or assistance in setting up business dinners during your trip - we make it happen for you.

You can also earn, save, and use your travel reward points through our services.


Jared W. King
Principal and Owner
Yeego Travel Meetings and Events LLC
PO Box 1929
Sheep Springs, NM 87364
Telephone: 202-322-4260
Fax: 202-754-9845

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