We are a full-service travel agency. Let us take the stress out of travel planning. Contact us to book your air, hotel, car rental, cruise, tour, vacation, meeting or event!

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Who We Are

Yeego Travel Meetings and Events LLC is a 100 percent Native American-owned and operated small business providing you with comprehensive travel and concierge services. We are also meetings and event planning specialists assisting you in your unique needs. "Yeego" in Navajo means "go for it!"

Why Yeego Travel?

Yeego Travel has assisted individuals, couples, families and friends with their leisure travel and vacation needs from adventures, cruises or just plopping down on the beach or pool.

We have worked with governments, nonprofit organizations, school boards and school groups and even bachelor and bachelorette parties of all sizes and budgets.

Yeego Travel has the expertise, resources and experience to make your leisure travel memorable or your business travel a productive experience.


Jared King (Navajo)
Principal and Owner
1629 Columbia RD NW STE 533
Washington, DC, 20009
Tel: 202-322-4260
Fax: 202-754-9845
Email: jking@yeegotravel.com

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